Taming the Wolf guide to Franciscan Peacemaking

The Manual for Franciscan Peacemaking

Taming the Wolf: Peace through Faith helps readers learn basic faith-based conflict resolution skills with practical lessons that address difficult situations.

Unresolved conflict can result in ruin. Taming the Wolf guides the reader through the transformation needed to avoid unwanted consequences and achieve reconciliation.

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Talks & Workshops

Taming the Wolf Institute presentations provide participants with valuable insights and tools they can apply to increase the peace and joy they experience. Greg Stone has presented this valuable information on conflict resolution and spirituality at parishes, schools, seminaries, clubs, religious associations and other venues.

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Mediation & Consulting

Taming the Wolf Institute offers mediation designed to resolve a wide range of disputes. We consult with parishes, schools, and other organizations that seek effective conflict prevention protocols. We assist families seeking to improve their communication and their faith life. We are available to train your staff in conflict management with a faith-based approach.

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