About Taming the Wolf Institute

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Who Are We?

A non-profit dedicated to peacemaking. We integrate spirituality with the contemporary discipline of dispute resolution. The peacemaking legacy of Saint Francis of Assisi can be found in our training workshops, presentations, tutorials, manuals, books, and mediation or consultation services.

What is Our Goal?

We believe world peace takes root within individual hearts and then grows within the faith community. We seek to train individuals in faith-based conflict resolution. We seek to plant seeds of peace.

Who Was Saint Francis?

Saint Francis was a humble man who loved God and loved his “brothers and sisters.” He saw the divine in all creatures. His boundless compassion led him to reconcile feuding parties. Following his vision of peace, we apply the rich tradition of Christian spirituality to the conflict resolution discipline.

Why “Taming the Wolf”?

The legend of Saint Francis taming the fierce wolf of Gubbio captures a rich tradition of peacemaking. We believe true reconciliation only occurs when we take a spiritually transformative approach. Taming the Wolf: Peace through Faith presents a path to peace through spirituality.

What Do We Do?

The Institute provides faith-based tools that aid in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict. We offer education and training, and mediation and consultation. We disseminate conflict resolution techniques consistent with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

What Can the Institute Do for Me?

We educate and train people to manage and resolve conflict.

We mediate disputes and deliver consultation in how to prevent disputes.

We research managing conflict and develop new approaches.

We publish materials that promote spiritually transformative conflict resolution.

How Can I Get Involved?

1 First Step

Become educated and trained in managing conflict. Reflect on conflict in your own life.

2 Second Step

Learn to apply these techniques to assist others, such as friends, family, and colleagues.

3 Third Step

Learn how to access and utilize professional mediation services. Assist parties resolve difficult conflict and achieve reconciliation.

4 Fourth Opportunity

Participate in research that answers the need for new conflict management approaches.

4 Support Taming the Wolf Institute

Or support the Institute with donations. Support individual projects or the overall mission with a donation.