Peace Be with You: Peacemaking and the Theology of Benedict XVI

Peace Be With You, a map of the path to peace.
Peace Be with You Book by Greg Stone

Peace Be with You explores the vital role of divine love as the key ingredient in all peacemaking. The only peace that will endure is a spiritual peace based on Man’s essential nature as a spiritual being.

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About the Book

Strife, conflict, hostility, and war are all symptoms of broken and failed relationships, human and divine.

Peacemakers must heal damaged divine relationship—the relationship between Man and God—at the same time they reconcile personal relationships. Applied theology becomes the most valuable tool in peacemaker’s toolkit.

In Peace Be With You, Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), the premiere theologian of our time, serves as our mentor and guide. His theology provides insights regarding the nature of divine relationship.

Benedict XVI’s “theology of relationship” establishes the critical role that divine love plays in resolving destructive conflict and reconciling souls.

In Peace Be With You we discover that only a spiritual peace—a Peace that arises from Man’s essential nature—will endure. In spite of an abundance of secular mediation and peacemaking initiatives, World Peace remains more elusive than ever before.

Peace Be With You details a path to a true and lasting peace. It lays down a comprehensive foundation for change that fulfills Mankind’s deepest dreams. The time for secular approaches that ignore the very nature of Man and Reality is past. The failures are too profound to ignore.

In contrast, this book establishes a path that leads to reconciled relationships, human and divine. It explains how Divine Love is the ultimate elixir that will heal Mankind. Discover renewed love, happiness, and spiritual well being when you tread this path to peace.

Learn how you can help hasten the arrival of the “Peace of Christ.”

Fostering togetherness is a core Christian practice: When we make peace and deliver happiness, we practice Christianity; when we practice Christianity, we make peace and deliver happiness.