Taming the Wolf Institute offers books and publications as well speakers and workshops on faith-based mediation, peacemaking, conflict resolution, and spiritual direction.

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Our books and manuals provide practical, faith-based tools that aid in the prevention, management and resolution of conflict.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops in Faith-Based Mediation

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Making The Soul’s Journey into God

Saint Bonaventure lays out a mystical journey in his work, Soul’s Journey into God. This classic spiritual treatise frames a discussion of conflicts that destroy divine relationship and block Mankind’s search for mystical union with Christ.

The Spiritual Conversation

Do you find it easy to talk about God with others? Too often we are so mired in mundane routine that we forget to turn our eyes to the divine. Or fear inhibits our ability to reflect on the deeper aspects of life. In this presentation or workshop, you will explore the “spiritual conversation.”

Understanding the Hidden Influence

Most people embroiled in conflict fail to identify the root cause of their dispute. All too often, a destructive third party lurks in the background, functioning as a hidden influence. Gossip, character assassination, covert operations, and personal sabotage destroy relationships. In this talk, you will learn to assess hidden causes of conflict and manage destructive hidden influences.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

Success in the workplace depends on the group’s ability to overcome conflict; the group must become adept at resolving disputes. In this presentation, we discuss bringing the spirit of Francis to the workplace. Learn to navigate the minefield of workplace confrontations.

Overcoming Conflict in Marriage

Unfortunately, in marriages a minor squabble may turn into a war if spouses fail to manage conflict. However, conflict need not destroy a marriage. Husbands and wives who endow a relationship with the sacred and recognize the divine in one another can always find a path to reconciliation. In this presentation, practical mediation techniques for handling marriage disputes are explored.

Wrestling with Evil

The deeper causes of protracted conflict must be unearthed, if we are to find peace. We must learn to discern the true nature of conflict. In this presentation we will explore evil intentions, destructive influences, and hidden sources of hostility.  We identify the dangers peacemakers face and how they can avoid traps and pitfalls and failure.

Taming the Wolf: Guide to Faith-Based Peacemaking

When Francis of Assisi tamed the fierce Wolf he created a template for mediation. The love and compassion he felt for all his brothers and sisters inspired him to reconcile feuding parties. This peacemaking legacy inspires us to integrate spiritual approaches with contemporary techniques. When we study Francis we learn that resolving conflict clears barriers that have been blocking the path to a Gospel-inspired life.

Short Reflections: At-Home Study

Coming soon.

How to Make Peace: Forty Short Video Reflections

Learn peacemaking in the tradition of Saint Francis of Assisi in this series of forty video reflections. Watch one short video each day for forty days and reflect on how you will help bring peace to a troubled world.


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