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Peace Be With You, the podcast, explores mediation, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction. It is a call to arms for a peacemaking army that will overcome division, hostility, and conflict. Let us hasten an era of world peace.
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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 25 Deception Part I

Episode 25: Deception – Part I

The first instance of a Destructive Hidden Influence, the prototype we call the Serpent, appears in Genesis. The passage describes the primary source of all conflict. In this mystical lesson we discover what we might call Original Deception. The Serpent models the paradigm of a Destructive Hidden Influence — a covert deceiver who wrecks relationships.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 24 Apology

Episode 24: Apology

All too often we do not know how to craft a valid apology. We’re not certain what we should say. An effective apology addresses the primary concern of the wronged party — assurance that “this will not happen again.”

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 22: Body Soul Duality Part I

Episode 22: Body Soul Duality, Part I

As we study and reflect on scripture, we discover a duality between Flesh Body and Immortal Soul or Spirit. They are not the same thing. The Flesh Body is perishable. It is transitory. Its existence is fleeting. In contrast, an immortal soul — who we are as Divine Self — does not perish. We enjoy eternal life.

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You Podcast Episode 21: Expectations

Episode 21: Expectations

There are times when we fully expect to be something or do something or have something — then, when we are denied what we want, we’re ready to fight, ready to go into battle. Disappointed expectations drive us into conflict.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 20: False Attribution Error

Episode 20: False Attribution Error

When we create our inner story, we blame our trespasses on situations, on other people, or even on God. We protect our self-image. When another person crosses the line, we attribute their behavior to bad character, nasty disposition, or evil motives. When we mediate, we uncover missing information and redraft our narrative without false attributions.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 19 The Face of a Franciscan

Episode 19: Face of a Franciscan

Peacemakers must become skilled in giving this gift of Divine Face. They will want to turn to the example of Francis who spent the entire night in prayer before he traveled to meet the besieged people of Gubbio, where he tamed the fierce wolf with his prayerful presence.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 18: Authority, Rights, Interests

Episode 18: Authority, Rights, Interests

In Matthew 18:15 we read: “If your brother sins (against you), go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother.” This passage advises us to take a conciliatory approach.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 17 Dear Bishops

Episode 17: Dear Bishops

The bishops meet again next month to reflect further on the path forward beyond the scandals destroying trust in the Catholic Church. With that in mind, I would like to offer the following suggestion for their consideration.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 16 God Is Love

Episode 16: God is Love

Immortal souls immersed in Divine Love are drawn into divine relationship. And, ultimately, this unity of “Being-In-Love” is what makes peacemaking possible.

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