Divine Collaboration


Worse than Death?

The Immortal Soul

In previous posts, we reflected on the essence of an immortal soul, a spiritual consciousness that is not simply a bundle of impersonal abstract energy, but rather an individual person, an individual spiritual being with continuity of consciousness.

In our reflections, we concluded this spiritual consciousness does not dissipate upon the death of the flesh body, but rather, as made clear in scripture, continues with consciousness and individuality (personhood) intact.

Then we considered the epiphany that post-mortem spiritual consciousness seeks union with divine consciousness—in divine relationship. This is central to all we propose to accomplish in Divine Collaboration: divine relationship makes possible divine collaboration.


Though the person, as an immortal soul, need not fear death, does he or she have reason for concern when it comes to his or her future as a soul? Is there anything that warrants fear and concern?

Yes. There are pitfalls that threaten a soul’s future. They can fall into the category of “traps.” While an immortal being need not fear body death, such a being can become trapped in mental and spiritual unreality. They can become trapped in an illusory reality.

As this universe is an idealistic universe, a universe comprised of thought forms, a universe that emerges from the Mind of God, it is a universe that may ensnare souls in mental creations that induce or enforce false states of being. The well being of the soul is constantly threatened by delusion. This is the reason the image of Satan as The Deceiver is so meaningful and potent.

For example, a soul can be deceived into identifying with the flesh body as its essence and the total extent of its being. A soul that becomes deceived into this false reality, fears the sting of death. Body death portends the total annihilation of such a person.

Survival of the flesh body and all things to do with the flesh body become paramount. Of course, this illusion hands total power to those who imagine themselves to be the controllers of the human animal herd.

The Matrix

Souls who lose touch with their true essence soon become lost. They are tossed about by turbulent seas of reality that might be termed the “matrix.” They experience a constant flux of chimeric signposts that comprise an unsolvable maze. After a person experiences failed attempts to find a path out of the maze, weariness overtakes them and despondency rules the day.

This matrix, comprised of deceptive signposts, can be contrasted with the concept of a sacramental universe, comprised of sacred signs that lead to the truth of one’s divine nature. Signposts of a sacramental universe, which lead to an experience of one’s true nature living in relationship with the divine, mark the path to an escape from the beguiling matrix.


One often hears the phrase “living in a state of grace.” What does that mean? Could it mean the condition in which one is able to see through the matrix of delusion? Could it mean one is no longer trapped in diabolic mind stuff? In a state of grace one pierces the gossamer thin veil of delusion and deception that entraps souls.

Grace results in freedom from the devious mental traps that anchor souls in delusion. In a state of Grace one sees through falsehoods and escapes traps laid out to ensnare souls in a fallen world—a delusion contrived to oppose divine creation.


Thus, when one speaks of salvation in a Christian sense, one does not speak of saving flesh bodies; rather, one focuses on saving souls, immortal spiritual beings who suffer entrapment in hellish realities. Salvation, ultimately, consists of achieving freedom from Traps.

Divine Collaboration

This new conflict resolution protocol calls on disputants to engage in “reality checks” that illuminate illusions and delusions. Reality checks provide an opportunity for souls to locate themselves in the matrix. They begin to seek the light that leads to Grace.

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