Peace Be with You: Peacemaking and the Theology of Benedict XVI Paperback


Strife, conflict, hostility, and war are symptoms of broken relationships—failed human and divine relationships. Peacemakers must repair not only personal relationships between persons; they must also heal divine relationship, the relationship between Man and God.

Peace Be With You explores the vital role of divine love as the key ingredient in all peacemaking efforts. This work establishes that only a spiritual peace—a peace that takes into account Man’s essential nature— will endure.

In this work, Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger), the premiere theologian of our time, serves as mentor and guide and helps readers reflect on divine relationship and the critical role divine love plays in healing destructive conflict.

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  • Pages 446
  • Type Paperback
  • Size 5.5″ x 1.01″ x 8.5″