… It is the worst

Of errors to try to teach a crude ignorance; wisdom will never make

It’s way into a crafty soul. Evil power overtops its own bounds:

It doesn’t want what is right, but forces the one who does to be the same

As itself. But in this it sows seed in the sand; for nature

That’s kindly takes care to guard against such, lest

Coercion alter its purpose.”

The Versified Life of Saint Francis by Henri d’ Avranches


In a world overrun with disdain for holy wisdom there are times when one must keep one’s peace and move with patience, being always the observer seeking opportunity to heal.

Too often, perhaps, we assume a debate will bring light to the shadows, when only love will accomplish this holy purpose.

In mediation, taking up the role of neutral, we have no position to defend, no outcome to impose. We do not seek to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, as we do not function as a judge. Rather, we mirror and frame concerns and “walk with” others. When possible, we invite them to sit in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

However, if a “crafty soul” wishes to debate, we gladly supply a mirror so they might debate themselves until such time as they recognize they’re simply coercing themselves, and thus spiraling in a closed loop downward into darkness.