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Peace Be With You, the podcast, explores mediation, pastoral counseling, and spiritual direction. It is a call to arms for a peacemaking army that will overcome division, hostility, and conflict. Let us hasten an era of world peace.
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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 15: Diving Collaboration

Episode 15: Divine Collaboration

In a faith-based approach, we expand the collaboration model. We not only seek to satisfy our interests and the interests of the other party, we also seek to satisfy God’s interests — typically referred to as “the Will of God.”

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 14 Sculpting False Self

Episode 14: Sculpting False Self

All conflict is the result of one False Self becoming entangled in opposition to another False Self. Each False Self is comprised of ego traits and swirling clouds of intentions desires. There is one way to de-escalate conflict: Vanish the clusters of False Self traits. Peace arrives after we scrub away ego personality.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 13 Worldviews

Episode 13: Worldviews

Peacemakers encounter a clash of two primary worldviews: The dominant secular culture advances Materialism. The other worldview, a spiritual worldview, rests on the philosophy of Idealism.

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With You Podcast Episode 11 Celebrating the Incarnation

Episode 11: Celebrating the Incarnation

At Christmas we celebrate not only the birth of the baby Jesus, but also a major supernatural event — the Incarnation. Caught up in celebrating the birth, we forget to reflect on the Incarnation, on the idea expressed in John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us…”

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 8

Episode 8: The False Self

All conflicts are the result of two or more False Selves becoming entangled in opposing intentions. The False Self is a cluster of ego traits that do not reflect divine nature. In spiritual direction we sculpt away the layers of false self that taint our interests.

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Peace Be With You Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7: Going Below the Line

When you find yourself managing a conflict, slow up and ask the question — what do people really want? What interest are they really trying to satisfy? Do I really know what they want?

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